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IM-post it-BLE

Im-Post-It-Ble is practical for performances at close quarters as well as for stage magic, and is free of angle problems or complex manipulations. A big hit at the 2009 World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. Im-Post-it-Ble allows you to access the information written on a Post-It pad in a simple and direct way.  
Real Time Clipboard is a utility prop especially suited for mentalism. With it, you will gain access, in real time, to whatever your spectator writes or draws. NO PREARRAGEMENTS or STOOGES, NO CARBON PAPER or CHEMISTRY. NO SLEIGHTS NEEDED. NO SPARES NEEDED. Works in Real Time. Easy Handling. Routine included
A signed bill travels to inside of a marker You will receive a regular Edding 500 marker and an identical-looking precision-made gimmicked marker, especially designed for this effect. Any bill any size.  Easy and rapid load. Includes a professional routine that has been tested in all sorts of situations. One of the first creations of Antonio Romero that...
Many effects possible, for stage or close–up, including the stabbed thought-of card.  

AR Marker

This new gimmick will allow you to perform an incredible production of markers with a startling ending. The gimmick will enable you to make markers disappear and reappear in a most simple and magical way. This gimmick introduced in 2009 at the renowned FFFF convention with a huge success.
Card Magic


You spread the deck and show all of its cards. A card is selected and then lost in the deck. You spread the cards on the table, forming a circle. A spectator winds up the rabbit and puts it in the center. The rabbit begins to jump around until it finally stops at a card, which proves to be the selection. The whole deck is shown. No forces, deck switches...
This is the kind of effect a professional magician will love, instantly add to his act and always regret not having in his suitcase. It is suitable for all audiences and venues: Adults and children, close-up, parlor or stage. It packs small and plays big, has built-in comedy and will have a strong impact on your audience, being one of those effects they...
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