Card Magic

Card Magic

Card Kabuki

Card Confetti is a new gimmick that will enable you to produce a spectacular cloud of confetti from a business card, a bill or directly from your own fist!! This new gimmick Kabuki can shoot confetti up to a height of 10 feet! Truly spectacular!!
Many effects possible, for stage or close–up, including the stabbed thought-of card.  
Card Magic


You spread the deck and show all of its cards. A card is selected and then lost in the deck. You spread the cards on the table, forming a circle. A spectator winds up the rabbit and puts it in the center. The rabbit begins to jump around until it finally stops at a card, which proves to be the selection. The whole deck is shown. No forces, deck switches...


A change box inside a card case! Its clean and simple workings will open the doors to hundreds of effects. You will find new and powerful solutions for the tricks in your repertoire. Lastly, as an innocent-looking object. The box appears to be out of play and allows you to get rid of a gimmick after its use, such as switching gimmicked cards for regular...

Super L Shopping Bag

Productions:You can now produce a gift, candies, handkerchiefs and countless other things. Mentalism: The most innovative change bag. With great capacity and totally undetectable even in the hands of the spectators.VIDEO INCLUDED
A fantastic card fountain that lets you control the height, direction, and number of throws. The cards are thrown with a spinning boomerang effect, which achieves a spectacular flight of the cards. Thanks to the new system it incorporates you will be able to adapt the throw of cards to your needs.Now you are in control! Includes a remote control and a...
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