Super L Shopping Bag
Super L Shopping Bag
Super L Shopping Bag
Super L Shopping Bag
Super L Shopping Bag
Super L Shopping Bag

Super L Shopping Bag


You can now produce a gift, candies, handkerchiefs and countless other things.


The most innovative change bag. With great capacity and totally undetectable even in the hands of the spectators.




The Ultimate Bag

Here you have a device for your magic arsenal that will fill you with satisfactions and will get you out of more of a hurry. And I think it is fair to give it the category of apparatus despite its humble origin and condition, a paper bag. But that is precisely what makes it very useful for our beloved magicians. Its condition of an everyday object, the little expectation that it raises, its apparent normality in the eyes of the spectators but that hides a powerful and very simple base tool of the most spectacular magic. A trapdoor.


In the video, you will find many tricks. You can make silk productions, candy popcorn, gifts, etc. Vanishes, productions, predictions, forces, transpositions, The Lasso card. Hide special gimmicks that are then used for some effect and many other things that are sure to come to your mind!

In addition to the gimmicked bag, you have another identical but another identical regular bag so you can change one for the other when it suits you and increase the possibilities of the L Super Bag.

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