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A change box inside a card case! Its clean and simple workings will open the doors to hundreds of effects. You will find new and powerful solutions for the tricks in your repertoire. Lastly, as an innocent-looking object. The box appears to be out of play and allows you to get rid of a gimmick after its use, such as switching gimmicked cards for regular...
Would you like to easily perform Visual, High impact effects? Now you can get a tool that will allow you to transform a mere trick into a true miracle. Get ready to easily master the amazing HOLD OUT magic.  Thanks to its special design, it really easy and comfortable to use. You can activate and deactivate it in an instant, at any moment during your...
Here is a Torn and Restored Newspaper routine that has withstood the test of time. It was created by Antonio Romero in 1983 and published in his book “La Magia de Antonio Romero” in 1993System that conceals the torn pieces automaticallyProfessional and very easy to perform. No angle problems.
A signed bill travels to inside of a marker. Now you can also do it with a signed card!  *(Only with the Sharpie model) Any bill of any size. Easy and rapid load. Includes Antonio Romero´s professional routine that has been tested in all sorts of situations.
Close Up

Transparent Cups

"Antonio breaks new ground in close-up magic. What a fabulous idea!" Arturo de Ascanio "In my lifetime, I've seen some of the greatest "CUPS N BALL" routines performed by Dai Vernon, Mike Ammar, John Thompson, Charlie Miller, Johnny Paul and the many others with brilliant routines and moves & sleights. Antonio's routine is smashing and completely...
Real Time Clipboard is a utility prop especially suited for mentalism. With it, you will gain access, in real time, to whatever your spectator writes or draws. NO PREARRAGEMENTS or STOOGES, NO CARBON PAPER or CHEMISTRY. NO SLEIGHTS NEEDED. NO SPARES NEEDED. Works in Real Time. Easy Handling. Routine included
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